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The development of the Mont would have started in 708. A legend tells that Aubert, the bishop of Avranches, would have seen appearing the archangel Saint-Michel who gave him the order to build a building in his honor. Believing himself mad, the bishop does nothing but the archangel reappears to him twice and, furious, draws a hole in his skull, as proof of his power. The bishop complied and had an oratory erected on Mont-Tombe in honor of Saint-Michel.

In 966, the Duke of Normandy Richard I installed Benedictine monks in the Mont. Shortly before the year 1000, a pre-Romanesque church – Notre-Dame Sous Terre – was built. The sanctuary is transformed into an abbey and in the 11th century, the abbey church is raised to the level of the point of the rock, resting on a group of crypts. Very quickly, the Mont-Saint-Michel became a major place of pilgrimage but also a high focus of medieval culture: the works of Benedictines and the relics of Saint-Michel preserved in the abbey contributed to the spiritual and economic development of the Mont.

The abbey becomes a fortress

Toward the start of the twelfth century, the King of France Philippe Auguste added Normandy. The Bretons of Guy de Thouars, partner of the King, mount a military and assault Mont-Saint-Michel, killing locals and burning down the Mont. To wash away this sad scene, Philippe Auguste financed the development of the Merveille: two three-story structures, disregarded by a shelter – finished in 1228 – and a refectory. It is the lead of the engineering of the nunnery, based on troublesome landscape, it vouches for the ability of the developers of the time.

Become a fort of the Duchy of Normandy yet additionally a significant spot of section, Mont-Saint-Michel takes on a key and representative aspect which obliges its stronghold when the Hundred Years War starts in the fourteenth century, restricting the French to the English. We set up a powerful divider with 7 pinnacles and 3 doors! When in 1415 the English devastated the French armed force in Azincourt, and attached Normandy, they attempted to take the Mount, without progress. This triumph contributed much more to the legend of the Mount and travelers will run to honor the Archangel Saint Michael, who turned into the safeguard of the realm. Notwithstanding, the Mont didn’t come out sound from these assaults. In 1421, the Romanesque ensemble of the congregation imploded. It may be supplanted toward the finish of the Middle Ages by a showy Gothic ensemble.

An unusual prison

Under Louis XI, the monastery was put under the system of the commende, in other words that the new abbot was not generally delegated by the priests however by the King himself. Gradually, the Mount is losing its strict interest and journeys are scant. It was not until 1622 and the appearance of Benedictines from the gathering of Saint-Maur that the religious movement of the Mont was resuscitated. In spite of this change and confronted with the absence of upkeep of the structures, the rulers of France will utilize Mont-Saint-Michel as a jail. The Mont procures the epithet “Bastille des mers”.

The last Benedictines left the Mount in 1791, driven out by the Revolution, which announced the Church’s property to be “public property”. Presently a collective called “Mont Libre”, Mont-Saint-Michel was utilized as a position of internment for unmanageable ministers and afterward as a remand place. It was not until 1863 that this jail shut, leaving the Mount in a profoundly broken down state, strikingly following a few flames in the nunnery church in 1776 and 1834.

The rebirth of the Mont Saint Michel

The lethargic resurrection of Mont-Saint-Michel started in 1874 when it was delegated a Historic Monument and when President Mac Mahon declared it to be modified. Critical rebuilding works will be completed toward the finish of the nineteenth century and a dam street worked in 1879 associates the mainland to the Mount, working with access for guests.

The well known sculpture of the Archangel Saint-Michel killing the winged serpent, etched by Emmanuel Frémiet (to whom we additionally owe the sculpture of Joan of Arc in Paris), was just positioned in 1897 on the tower of the convent, giving the Mount its present appearance. The job of this sculpture isn’t simply beautiful, it additionally fills in as a lightning bar.

Love was reestablished in the monastery in 1969. Starting around 2001, the Monastic Fraternities of Jerusalem have guaranteed a strict presence there.

Visit the Mont-Saint-Michel

We can’t suggest enough that you visit Mont-Saint-Michel. This superb landmark that stands on its stone intrigues when you see it in the inlet. Yet, meandering the roads isn’t sufficient, it is when visiting the nunnery, continuing in the strides of this uncommonly rich and tortured history that the feeling is most grounded. It is a genuine work of art accessible to you.To capitalize on it, exploit the directed visits and directed visits coordinated by the Center des Monuments Nationaux, the village and the ramparts, la Grande rue & Local gastronomy. Some give you admittance to parts of the Mount typically shut to general society, for example, Notre-Dame-Sous-Terre or the trim flight of stairs that will take you to the statures of the Mount, only a couple of meters from the Archangel.

Discover the Mont Saint Michel

If you are coming from Paris, know that it is no longer essential to have a car to explore Mont-Saint-Michel! In recent months, a train + bus offer put in place by Intercités allows you to get there in less than 4 hours from Montparnasse station, from 54 € round trip, and with our alternative to book your private transfer with our transport company just make transfer paris or transfer cdg airport to mont saint michel.

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Hôtel Gabriel Mont Saint Michel

Inn Gabriel Mont St. Michel is a 3 star inn, found 2.5 km from the History Museum and 2.4 km from the Saint-Aubert house of prayer of Mont-Saint-Michel. Not far off from Mont-St-Michel, Hotel Gabriel traces all the way back to 1997.
The inn is situated in a shopping space of Mont St. Michel. The inn is 3 km from the middle.
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How to get from Paris CDG airport to Saint Michel

Visits is an agreeable arranged in the west of France in the division of Manche in Normandie. It should be reviewed that it is 360 km from Orly Airport and 380 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport, book your transfer cdg airport to Mont saint Michel.