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Transfer CDG Beaune

The Abbey of Fontenay

The monastery of Fontenay is a gathering of a few nunnery structures covering a space of 5.77 hectares established in 1118 in the collective of Marmagne (Côte-d’Or) under the motivation of Saint-Bernard de Clairvaux. It is in 1130 that the monastery tracks down its authoritative area. The works started on this date and finished in 1147. This monastery, which is bound for the parsimonious existence of the Cistercian priests, is made out of a congregation, a shelter, a refectory, a fashion, a pastry kitchen, a sanctuary for the Foreigners just as a constrainment (a disengaged house at times viewed as a jail some of the time as a position of safeguarding of valuable merchandise). The priests there once had a grave existence, committed to physical work and devotion. It is the most seasoned Cistercian monastery best saved. The bequest has been possessed by the Aynard family starting around 1906, yet a large part of the structure is available to general society consistently. The Abbey of Fontenay is one of the 69 monastery young ladies worked under the heading of Saint-Bernard de Clairvaux.

l'abbaye de Fontenay
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The primary nunnery of Fontenay is Geoffrey de la Roche-Lapointe, close to Saint Bernard. In 1259, the King of France, Saint Louis announced the monastery excluded from all monetary law. In 1269, the cloister was blessed Royal Abbey. During the twelfth and thirteenth hundreds of years, in excess of 300 individuals lived in the structures of the home. The monastery was presently decrease from the fourteenth century following plundering by the English. After reclamation, it was again sacked in 1557 during the Wars of Religion. The system of Commende stops the apogee of the monastery. Gradually, the priests couldn’t keep up with the spot. In 1745, the patio, the kitchens and the refectory were wrecked. In 1791, after the French Revolution, the monastery was sold and changed into writing material by Claude Hugot. The siblings Montgolfier got it in 1820 to construct a few modern structures. It was announced a Historic Monument in 1862 and reestablished from 1906 to 1911 after Edouard Aynard got it. The Abbey of Fontenay is ordered World Heritage of Unesco in 1981.

What is there to find in the Abbey of Fontenay ? It is an extraordinary design of 900 years of age and loaded with history that anticipates guests to take them on an excursion back on schedule. It is a magnificent, profoundly otherworldly spot, underlying the center of a quiet and verdant scene. The site welcomes you to climb through the timberland of beech and debris trees.

The Hospices of Beaune, Museum of the Hôtel-Dieu

musée de l'hôtel dieu
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An inn Dieu or Hostel Dieu (old spelling) is a medical clinic controlled by the congregation. This kind of old hospice housed and deal with vagrants, travelers and the poor. It for the most part accumulated individuals out of luck. The Hospices of Beaune, of colorful Gothic design, was worked from 1443 to 1457 in Beaune in the Côte-d’Or. It is quite possibly the most delightful and most wonderful neighborly foundation. It is at present an emergency clinic and a Museum of Burgundy and archaic medication in the Christian West. The site is home to an excellent wine bequest of around 60 hectares committed to Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Over 80% of the home’s vintage and vintage wines are unloaded at the renowned Christie’s to work the property. It is the world’s most renowned wine noble cause deal.

What to find in the Hospices de Beaune ?

The Hôtel-Dieu de Beaune is a show-stopper of engineering. It was worked at the drive of Nicolas Rolin, Chancellor of the Duke of Burgundy and his better half Guigone de Salins. It is a couple known for his works of noble cause and support. Nicolas Rolin and his significant other money this medical clinic for the helpless gratitude to a yearly lease from the salt works and own assets of the foundation from the grape plantation. Every one of the structures are unimaginably protected today and it houses an assortment of in excess of 5,000 resources, embroideries and period furniture. A visit to these spots is subsequently a decent chance to find in addition to other things the polypty of the Last Judgment of Rogier van de Weyden, without failing to remember the visit of the grape plantation.

The Castle of La Rochepot

chateau de rochepot
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The palace of La Rochepot is a significant legacy of Burgundy. It is underlying the thirteenth century on a similar site of the old palace of the master of Montagu Alexander of Burgundy (1170 – 1205), the old palace being set in shoot in the twelfth century. This archaic structure, worked by the modeler Charles Suisse, is roosted on a rough outcrop and is recognized by its coated tiles, so dear to Burgundy. It was the home of the Lords Pot, knights of the Golden Fleece and guides of the Dukes of Burgundy. It was Regnier Pot who procured it in 1403 after his return from the campaigns and gave it to his main beneficiaries. In the sixteenth century, the marshal of France Anne de Montmorency adds it to his own assortment of in excess of 130 palaces. Cardinal of Retz Jean-François Paul de Gondi turned into the proprietor in the XVIIth century prior to being moved to the principal leader of the Parliament of Burgundy Pierre Legoux de la Berchère. Proclaimed a public property during the French Revolution, the palace passed from one hand to another prior to turning into the property of Sadi Carnot (1865-1948), the child of the president, who went through 25 years reestablishing the ruin. The palace is sold by the successors to the Carnot family in 2016.

Why visiting the Castle of Rochepot ?

It is an outstanding structure which contains a piece of the historical backdrop of France and Burgundy specifically. Guests will find the house of prayer dating from the twelfth century, the gatekeepers’ room, the tremendous kitchen, the lounge area, the walkway and the rooms enriched with paintings and decorated with furniture of periods. The outside of the bequest draws in by its rustic scene of 28 hectares.

Stay at the Campanile Le Cepest Hotel

Situated in the core of the city of Beaune in Burgundy, the Hotel Le Cep is a 5-star home. Its mindful staff invites you in a refined setting and thinks most importantly of your prosperity to offer you ideal solace all through your visit. The lodging offers extensive, extravagance rooms and suites, completely outfitted with antique furniture with the name of the famous Burgundy wines. They are largely cooled and have extraordinary improvements. The convenience offers its parlor bar and spa. Its café offers connoisseur cooking and serves a wide scope of neighborhood wines.


Wi-Fi is free all through the inn. There is indoor and public stopping nearby. Charging stations for electric vehicles are likewise accessible. Hardware distributed to individuals with decreased versatility is accessible there and your pet is approved. The inn has a gathering and dinner room. To give you ensured unwinding, a wide scope of medicines and back rubs can be found at the inn’s spa. It additionally offers an attendant service, gear stockpiling and sports exercises like cycling or climbing.


The Campanile Le Cepest Hotel permits you to visit the basics of the memorable Beaune district found close by. Take a visit through the city and appreciate the Burgundian design of its Gothic landmarks and churches. Go for a walk by visiting the Collegiate Church of Notre-Dame, the eminent Hospice de Beaune, Hôtel-Dieu Museum or the Parc de la Bouzaise. Golf de Beaune is a short drive from the inn. There are likewise a lot of bars, eateries and markets close by. You can generally go there to purchase keepsakes.

The most effective method to get from Beaune to CDG airport by private driver vehicle ?

The excursion from Beaune to CDG airport is 3hours 21. When you leave Beaune-cdg airport, you should take the D974. After a couple of kilometers, the vehicle will show up at the principal exit toward Pairs, Lyon, Dijon, and so forth By taking the A6 (A6A and A6B), you should progress forward E15/E50/Autoroute du Soleil. Close to Paris, in the wake of driving for 3 hours, you should forge ahead the A3. The A3 motorway will permit you to arrive at the air terminal similarly as Lille and Bobigny. Take the D902A/Deviation of Roissy-En-France to arrive at the community. The airport is under 5 minutes away.