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Sancerre History

Sancerre is a small town located in the Cher department above the Loire, north-east of Bourges and close to the border between the regions of Center and Burgundy. Well known for the quality white wines produced in the surrounding vineyards, Sancerre village is built on a low hill, from where you can watch the views overlooking the surrounding vineyards.

Sancerre is a pretty village, and the main pleasure is simply strolling along the picturesque streets of the old part of town, lined with old houses. Start your visit at the Sancerre tourist office at Esplanade Porte César to get information on the many wine-related activities around the village.Sancerre

The village originally developed around a medieval castle, once among the most important castles in the region, but largely destroyed in the early 17th century. At the top of the hill overlooking the village, you can still see the castle keep, known as the Tour des Fiefs, and for a small charge you can enter and climb to the top of the tower.

If you remember that this is only one of the six towers of the original castle you will get a sense of the original castle. During the Hundred Years War the castle was strategically important as it stood on the border between France and Burgundy, Burgundy at the time being aligned with English rather than French.

Another historical landmark in Sancerre is the steeple of Saint-Jean de Sancerre church which dates back to 1509. The church of Notre-Dame de Sancerre is more recent, largely built during the 18th century.

Hôtel de la Thaumassière (the building with the words ‘Coeur de France Ecole de France’ written on the facade) look up at the roof to see the decorative windows and the stone figures carved on the edges of the roof.

Sancerre Wine

In and around Sancerre there are numerous grape plantations (more than 300) and numerous basements where you can taste and purchase the nearby wines.Sancerre tourism

In case you are visiting the district to look into the wines a stop at the ‘Maison des Sancerre’ is fundamental. This wine data focus utilizes the different screens to disclose all you require to know, from how wine is created to which chateaux are available to general society, and there is even a nursery to clarify the fragrances. !

Somewhat less renowned than wine, one more nearby item that is additionally respected is the goat cheddar known as Crotton de Chavignol.

Stay at the Hotel Le Panoramic

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Private car service from Paris & CDG airport/Orly airport to Sancerre

Sancerre is beautiful city of Loire, 203km from Paris center and 235km from (cdg) Charles de Gaulle airport, if you looking for a transfer or taxi from airport to sancerre from Orly airport the distance is 196km.