Tips For A Cheap Stay In Paris

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The capital of France is also known to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world with its historical and cultural heritage. If for your next vacation, you plan to go to Paris. Here are some tips that might help.

When to go to Paris at the best price?

For your visit, take advantage of the month of August to go to Paris. As it corresponds with the school holidays, most people take the opportunity to explore other regions.

You can therefore take the opportunity to discover its monuments, parks, terraces or even stroll on the banks of the Seine. There will not be much traffic and public transport is also very light during this period.

Besides, trains and subways are the easiest ways to get around the city. You can also choose to visit Paris during the months of January and February because the prices are also affordable during this period.

And to find the best price, you just have to use the price comparators to find the best formula such as a weekend that includes the plane or train ticket and accommodation or even the stay of three to five nights with accommodation and train or plane ticket.

The right time to make your reservation

However, with the comings and goings of business travelers during the week, hotel prices can easily climb from Monday to Thursday. So, you need to check if the room rates are the same during the weekend as well. And if you don’t want to miss out on a great opportunity to save money, don’t hesitate to postpone your vacation dates. Some hotels offer the lowest prices on Sundays and it would be a shame not to take advantage of them!

You can also take advantage of promotions on tickets and accommodation to book enough days in advance if you plan to go to the capital to attend the various fairs that will be organized there during the fall or spring season.

What are the cheapest means of transport to get to Paris?

For a cheap vacation in Paris, you can take the train. In addition to the big promotions, you will be dropped off in the heart of the city. You can also for SNCF offers or carpooling.

On the other hand, if you are coming from a more distant destination, you will need to opt for plane tickets. In addition to promotions on certain lines, also remember to check if the trip is served for a low-cost line.